001: The aliens looked interesting. I followed them.

002: A classic looking japanese temple.

003: The fountain. There are two creatures in it.

004: Another part of the temple.

005: Two fox statues looking at each other. They appear to be gods.

006: A man playing ball with himself. Could be a metaphor for how we're deeply lonely as humans.

007: A statue going for a walk, he looks deep in thought.

008: A sumo wrestler. He always wins.

009: A man standing outside a bar. He's probably intoxicated.

010: I've seen God.

011: The man in black walking towards me, at the time I thought he was getting into the car.

013: The water was strobing White and Red.

014: What we as a society yearn for.

015: This World looks like a kiddie playplace. Reminds me too much of Innocence.

016: The Kyoto Moon. Far too close.